About Us


DZN WRK was established to do the social media post, graphic design and video editors for KZK101. As more companies were added to the portfolio of KZK101, DZN WRK started to expand and added an extra division to provide service for Roadie and Roadie Tours.

Then in 2020 when the world started to go totally crazy, DZN WRK offered it service to other entertainment companies to assist with the sudden demand for online content creation. This is when the Podcast editing service was added. With any entertainers asking us to assist with websites for their podcasts, we added a web design division.


With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry, DZN WRK will make your company stand out, your memories entertaining for you to show off, and your social media marketing easier.

We offer our service at the most affordable cost to you and will work with your budget to create your unique memory, video, post, story or reel for what ever purpose you need it.

We tailor our service to your budget and will work cost effective to create your unique memory, video, post, story or reel for what ever purpose you need it.

Our Services


Video Editing

Video editing is one of our passion

If it is to make you stand out from the rest, be entertaining or share your memories, we will make it spectacular

Videos Edited

Podcast Editing

turn your audio and or visual podcast into something magical

With 20 years of live radio production (morning show) experience we will make it fun, entertaining or just professional sounding

Podcasts Edited

Social Media

loves to create and make social media posts, stories, and even reels

Videos is a great way to engage with your followers on social media. It makes for a fun and entertaining way to show off your service, product.

Social Media Creations

Graphic Design

quality work when it comes to graphic design

We offer a wide range of services that will help you with a more professional look.

Designs Created

Web Design

design and create a full website for you

We love to create a website that is functional, practical and representative of your brand

Websites Designed

20 Years Experience

Video Editing 100%
Graphic Design 95%
Social Media Design 95%
Podcast Editing 100%
Web Design 70%

The Team

DZN WRK has a dedicated team that service our customers with their skills. Together they collaborate on your project. Not only as a team, but they ensure the client are part of the team.

Though we have two locations, split in USA and SA, they apply their skills to your project no matter where in the world you are.

Our team is small but dedicated and consist of graphic designers, video editors, sound engineer and social media guru.

Our Locations

We conduct business from two offices.
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    USA Office

    1120 E Kennedy Blvd, Tampa,
    Florida, 33602, USA

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    SA Office

    6 Beach Rd, Woodstock,
    Cape Town, 7925, SA